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Dubai to test digital vehicle licence plates

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The Aston Martin One-77 part of the DUbai Police Fleet

DUBAI, UAE: Vehicle licence plates are going digital in Dubai as drivers are set to test them next month.

The BBC reported on Wednesday that digital plates are set to go in the trial phase. According to the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, the plates would be introduced to make life easier for drivers in Dubai.

Services such as registration renewal, paying parking fine and tolls would be streamlined using the digital plates.

One of the benefits of the technology is that drivers can contact police and ambulance services if their vehicle is involved in a collision. The technology also allows real-time communication to understand weather or traffic conditions on the road.

Despite the advancement, certain privacy concerns are raised as the plates are fitted with GPS meaning driver privacy would not be insured. The digital nature of the licence plates means regulators or hackers alike could always change the details of your plate or other information stored in it.

BBC has also claimed that the impact of Dubai’s desert conditions on the digitising of the licence plates may be a factor that needs attention during the trial phase.

California was the first city in the World that passed a bill in 2013 to allow the testing of digital licence plates.

Apart from this, the UAE has made advances in other technological genres as well. Hyperloop One signed an agreement with Dubai in August 2017, to evaluate the building of the world’s first near-supersonic hyperloop transport system in the Gulf emirate.

Back in May last year, the world’s first robot policeman started patrolling the streets as part of Dubai’s police force.

This article originally appeared on BBC.


Ref:  The Express Tribune

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