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APML to finish off politics of PML-N: Musharraf – Pakistan

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PAKISTAN “KARACHI”: All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Chief Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf on Sunday claimed that the people will vote for the APML and its allies in the next general elections and finish off the politics of PML-N.

The former president, while addressing a meeting of the APML Sindh South region held at Asia Ground in Orangi Town, said he is coming to Pakistan very soon.

Musharraf, while speaking live from Dubai, said “Orangi is an area of Biharis and I love them. People of Orangi have attended the meeting in large numbers today and I salute them for this.”
The former president said that he was aware of all the problems people of Orangi have been facing. He added that there was a time when all the people were fighting among themselves but now that time has passed away.

Election strategy: Musharraf to push for alliances instead of mergers

While talking about his party he said, “APML is not limited to a nationality, religion or school of thought and is instead a bouquet and people from all religions, nations and thoughts are in it.”

Musharraf said our slogan should be Pakistan First. He added, “Whatever we are today is because of Pakistan and Karachi is a mini Pakistan.” He advised Karachiites to spread the message of love, peace and brotherhood in their city.

The former army chief informed his party members that the APML was spreading fast in Karachi and that people from all over Pakistan have been joining the party.

Musharraf also congratulated Ahmed Hussain, Aslam Minai and other leaders for holding a successful meeting. He also announced that soon he will make an important announcement about the election alliance he was working on.

Earlier, APML Sindh South Region President Ahmed Hussain congratulated all the office bearers for the successful meeting. The meeting was also addressed by the APML General secretary Aslam Minai, Muhammad Ali Sherwani and other office-bearers.

Ref: The Express TRIBUNE

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